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Scary Sound – Sound dissuader for birds


SCARY SOUND is a sound dissuader that eliminates in a final and natural way the problem of harmful birds (starlings, pigeons, sparrows, gulls, crows and cormorants) from all those places that need protection such as areas for livestock, areas cultivated for fruit, vegetables, vines, olive trees, as well as squares, balconies, gardens and in general all places where the pests could create severe damage.

Very easy to use.

Through the aid of a light sensor the SCARY SOUND works independently during daylight hours and automatically shuts down at sunset.

SCARY SOUND emits alarm sounds typical of each species and the sounds of common predators inducing harmful birds to fly away rapidly.

For immediate protection the four programmes preloaded and optimised, during the times in which they are switched on and off, already offer, based on our experience, very effective protection against the most common harmful birds.

SCARY SOUND is, however, able to be customised in all its functions according to the personal needs of each user. Times of operation, pause, speaker selection, sensitivity of light sensor etc. are all adjustable according to requirements.

With 30 watts of power (with only the inner trumpet) + another 30 watts combining also an external trumpet SCARY SOUND is capable of keeping large swathes of land under control without difficulty.