Collaboration with important research institutions and partners in the world of agriculture allows Mezija to provide continuous technical support to agricultural companies, producer organisations and retailers offering technical solutions to improve production. The company provides the following specific services:


  • Recognition of plant diseases and parasites in the field, followed by the prescription of the best phytosanitary strategies for their containment in order to optimise production, the use of technical solutions and residues on plants.
  • Chemical, physical and biological analysis of the soil and irrigation water required to detect any anomalies in farming and to remedy any problems by establishing the best fertilisation and improvement plans.
  • Multiresidual analysis of agricultural production, necessary for establishing phytosanitary defence strategies in order to reduce residues and to satisfy the product certification plans such as GlobalGAP, BRC, Biological, etc.
  • Technical information dissemination days with important partners from the world of agricultural research and innovation, where the latest news on plant cultivation and defence, new varieties and market trends are presented.